What is is one of the private IP Address. which can be repeated in different networks. Unlike public IP Addresses, which have to be unique in the entire gamut of network devices across the world, the private IP addresses have the requirement of being unique only in their own network. They can safely be repeated in yet another network.

Just like another commonly used private IP address, IP is also used by many of the router manufacturers and gateway equipment suppliers to give it their default IP Address. It can be used by the end user to access the control panel setting of the device through his favorite wen browser running on the computer, which is connected to that router.

10.0.01 Default Passwords

The manufacturers also set a default passwords for these devices. This default password is used to authenticate the user and disallows unauthorized change to its settings.

If you forgot your 10.0.01 gateway password, then here a complete list of most of the popular brands and models of gateways and routers. Try your luck.