protect facebook account username passwordFacebook, as a web app, has virtually transformed the very meaning of online socializing. It has outgrown all yardsticks of measuring the popularity of a website. And with the tremendous growth in its popularity, the facebook scams, phishing attacks, malware attacks and all sorts of nefarious activities have got attracted towards its user base.

And remember, most of these attacks get successful not because of some vulnerability or exploit in facebook. Instead they are successful because of the careless behavior and inability of its users to identify a threat.

Facebook has recently published a 13 page information packed guide on Facebook Security. You can download the ebook from the link given below and read it in your leasure time. It is really interesting read.

16 Tips to Protect Facebook Account

Here are 16 of the quick tips on how you can protect and secure your facebook account, username and passwords.

  1. Only Friend people you know.
  2. Create a good password and use it only for Facebook.
  3. Don’t share your password.
  4. Change your password on a regular basis.
  5. Share your personal information only with people and companies that need it.
  6. Log into Facebook only ONCE each session. If it looks like Facebook is asking you to log in a second time, skip the links and directly type into your browser address bar.
  7. Use a one-time password when using someone else’s computer.
  8. Log out of Facebook after using someone else’s computer.
  9. Use secure browsing whenever possible.
  10. Only download Apps from sites you trust.
  11. Keep your anti-virus software updated.
  12. Keep your browser and other applications up to date.
  13. Don’t paste script (code) in your browser address bar.
  14. Use browser add-ons like Web of Trust and Firefox’s NoScript to keep your account from being hijacked.
  15. Beware of “goofy” posts from anyone—even Friends. If it looks like something your Friend wouldn’t post, don’t click on it.
  16. Scammers might hack your Friends’ accounts and send links from their accounts. Beware of enticing links coming from your Friends.