silki garg

Silki Garg

Silki Garg, the creator and editor of this blog, has been running this blog since mid 2009. The articles on this blog are mostly related to various aspects of PC and Internet Security.

Silki always strives to write about the issues, which are important for an average computer user. Without going into lots of technical details, the articles try to present the issue in easy to understand language avoiding complex technical jargons. It is also kept in mind that the solutions and problems presented in the articles are mostly based on the freely available tools and applications. We rarely review and rely on the paid tools and applications. Occasionally, Silki also reviews products and applications, which are paid for the users. And sometimes the paid reviews are also taken on the blog.

The traffic on the blog is steadily rising and we take pride in announcing it as it reflects on the love and support entrusted on this blog by the visitors and readers of this blog.

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