free-vpn-service1In my search for a reliable and Free VPN service, today I came across a relatively new VPN service named as AceVPN. It is a Free service but the access is open only through invites from an existing member. And, since I have not yet got an invite yet, this review is based upon the information available on Web, not based upon my actual use of it.

Why You might Need a VPN Service

If you are not sure about why you might need a VPN service for your Internet access, let me tell that a VPN service is useful if you…

  1. Want 100% anonymous, secure and private browsing without leaving a trace of your surfing
  2. Want to prevent Identity theft and protect family from Internet predators
  3. Want to protect your privacy even on public unsecured Wi-Fi / hotpots
  4. Want to get access to blocked and censored websites, applications and services. With a reliable VPN service, you can use VOIP, Skype, instant messengers (Yahoo, MSN / Windows Live, Google Talk, etc.), social networking (MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), dating or adult sites even if blocked by your country, ISP or corporate firewall
  5. Want to protect your computer(s) and network from hackers and thieves
  6. Want to bypass your ISP’s traffic shaping. With a good VPN service, you can download files from Torrents, P2P and Newsgroups faster
  7. Want to hide your tracks from internet monitoring / web filtering software and hardware like Websense, Barracuda, etc
  8. Want a better and secure alternative than a proxy. Proxies work on the application layer and is vulnerable, easy to intercept and track

How a VPN Service Actually Operate

If you want to know, how a VPN service actually work, then following is quoted.

When a packet is transmitted from a client, it sends it through an VPN gateway, which adds an Authentication Header for routing and authentication. The data is then encrypted and, finally, enclosed with an Encapsulating Security Payload which contains the decryption and handling instructions. The receiving VPN router/ server strips the header information, decrypts the data, and routes it to its intended destination.

With such a heightened level of security, an attacker must not only intercept a packet, but decrypt the packet as well. Intruders who employ a man-in-the-middle attack between a server and client must also have access to at least one of the private keys for authenticating sessions. Because they employ several layers of authentication and encryption, VPN’s are a secure and effective means of connecting multiple remote nodes to act as a unified intranet.

You can use AceVPN in two ways. Either you can go to their proxy site and start using their service straightaway. OR, you can download a small piece of software from their site, install it and configure it on your machine.

How Can I Access AceVPN

As I stated in the beginning, AceVPN is accessible for a new user only through invitation by existing users. Another way of accessing AceVPN is by blogging about them and intimating them. I  am going to inform them about this post and see, if they oblige.

One strange thing, which I noticed is that they are using Blogger as the platform for their website. Blogger is a free blogging platform from Google, and it is not very common for such services to use a blogging platform for their websites.

I will try to update this post about my experience with them and send you invite once I begin the member of AceVPN, if they allow. Do send your comments, if you need an invite.

Visit AceVPN.

How to get an invitation from AceVPN


I have received an invitation from AceVPN and now I am a member of their facility. I have also asked them if they can give invitation to the visitors of this blog The PC Security.

This is what they have responded.

We can block 25 invites for you right away. We have 2 more servers coming up in US & Germany. This should again happen in about 3 to 4 weeks.

For account activation they can shoot an email to mentioning your site.

So, hurry up. If you want to have an invite, just shoot an email to them mentioning this site.