W have earlier carried a series of articles on Cellphone Antivirus applications and have reviewed cellphone antivirus software like DroidSecurity, Netqin and LookOut.

Here is another kid on the block.


SmrtGuard, check the spelling…its not SmArtGuard, has announced the launch of the BETA version of their SmartPhone Security suite for smartphones like Blackberry and Andriod devices, which not only allows you to protect your device from virus, spam and spyware threats, but also has a decent backup and restore utility.

…SmrtSecurity, which is our new mobile security solution… features Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection. With Anti-Spam you get to block unwanted calls (event private and unknown callers) and unwanted emails. SmrtGuard will also backup the list of blocked phone numbers and emails so when you switch devices, you won’t have to reenter them again. With Anti-Virus, users will be able to setup scheduled scans to detect potential malware on your smartphone.


Following are the features of this useful tool.

Data Protection

  • Automatic Wireless Backup
  • Migrate and Restore Data Wirelessly
  • Data and Application Remote Wipe


  • SmrtGuard Anti-Virus
  • SmrtGuard Anti-Spam and Call Blocker

Device Protection

  • Device Locating and Tracking
  • Loved One Tracking
  • Remote Lock
  • Application Lock
  • Audio Ping
  • Remote Listen

Personal Protection

  • Personal Guardian
  • SimCard Guardian

Here is a quick video featuring the details of SmrtSecurity.