Internet browsing leaves traces in your computer, which can be used by somebody to know many things about you can sometimes lead to the cases of identity theft. If you are required to use a PC, which can also be accessed by others in your absence, it is extremely important that you be careful about what traces are left in the PC after you leave the system.

What is Anonymous Internet Browsing

Anonymous or Private Web browsing is the way to surf Internet without leaving traces about yourself. There are specialized tools, which wipe out all the traces of your browsing, once you have closed the browser.

How to Clear Your Private Data from Browser

Although most of the modern browsers have the options to clear your private data anytime through their menu. But it is often difficult to go through the entire process and also there are limited options. For instance, if you just want to browse anonymously for a particular session then it is difficult to do so with regular browser features.

There are some browser extensions, which do the job perfectly.

“Private Browsing” is one such Firefox Extension. It can hide surfing trails that the browser leaves behind. You can select the different data you want to remove after ending the private session, including:

  1. Browsing History
  2. Downloads History
  3. Disk Cache
  4. Form Information
  5. Cookies
  6. Saved Passwords
  7. Flash Cookies

Options in Firefox Private Browsing Addon


There are lots of option available to customize your preferences. See the screenshot.

You can set if must be show a statusbar icon, if you want the private browsing mode runs when start firefox, and if you want the application alert you about undeleted downloads in your disk after private mode to select it to delete.

Download Private Browsing