In case you want to create additional partitions or resize the existing partitions on your hard disk, then you need a third party software, which do the same without you loosing your data or existing partitions.

AOMEI Parition Assistant is a powerful, versatile and freeware Partition Manager Utility, which can be used for home as well as commercial uses. It can create, convert, hide, format, delete, wipe, resize, copy, split, merge, and move partitions your disk partitions without any data loss. And this can be done not only on your hard disk, but also on your pen drives, flash drives or any other portable media.

The user interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant is clean and easy to operate. All the partitions and disks are shown in a graphical manner, which allows you to quickly understand the situation and make decisions. Operations are controlled through easy-to-do wizards, which make it a breeze to use even for the novices.

Various Wizards in AOMEI Partition Assistant

  1. Extend Partition Wizard: One click to extend system partition without rebooting OS
  2. Migrate OS to SSD/HDD Wizard: Migrate OS to SSD/HDD with simple steps
  3. Make Bootable CD Wizard: Clear wizard assist novices to perform
  4. Partition Recovery Wizard: Guide us recover the lost or deleted partition with ease
  5. Disk & Partition Copy Wizard: Do the necessary backups for old disks or partitions

However I found that even if you choose to do the task in a direct manner without taking the help of wizards, then also the processes are pretty simple and easy-to-operate.

aomei partition assistant review

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition is reliable and affordable disk partition software for computer running Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1 included), Vista, XP, 2000, both 32 bit and 64 bit supported. It provides you with the most popular hard disk management tools snap-in including: Partition Manager, Migrate OS to SSD or HDD, Partition & Disk Copy Wizard, Extend Partition Wizard, Partition Recovery Wizard.

Recently, AOMEI has released the latest 5.1 version of this great utility, which has further extended the reach of this tool by adding multi-lingual feature to it. Yet another useful feature added in the new version is the recover partition, which allows you to recover deleted or lost partitions with the help of a few simple steps. Version 5.1 also allows you to fix the corrupt Master Boot Record MBR.

Here is a Youtube video, which shows the basic functionality of AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Features of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Various features of AOMEI Partition Assistant are as listed below.

Partition Management Features:

  • Resize and move partition without data loss.
  • Merge adjacent partitions into one.
  • Merge unallocated space to a partition.
  • Split one big partition into two or more.
  • Allocate free space from one partition to another.
  • Copy (Clone) partition to new hard drive.
  • New!Align partition to boost performance and lifespan of disk.
  • New! Change partition type ID and change serial number.
  • New! Linux partition management: create, delete, format, wipe, copy, recover Ext2/Ext3 partition, etc.
  • Create more partitions even without unallocated space.
  • Delete, format and wipe partition easily.
  • Convert primary to logical partition and vice versa.
  • Convert FAT partition to NTFS file system.
  • Change partition label and drive letter.
  • Hide and check partition, wipe unallocated space.
  • Set active partition and view partition properties.

Disk Management Features:

  • Copy (Clone) disk without reinstalling Windows and applications.
  • New!Convert MBR to GPT disk and vice versa.
  • New!Rebuild MBR to repair or add boot code.
  • Delete all partition on a disk directly.
  • Wipe hard drive to permanently erase sensitive data.
  • Disk surface test to check and fix bad sectors.
  • Initialize disk.
  • View disk properties.

It is just unbelievable to note that such a power packed and feature rich piece of software is totally free and the download is also just a small file. Recommended for download.

P.S.: In case you want to have still more features, you can try their Pro version. We are working on running a giveaway soon on this blog for the Pro version. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed to keep a watch.

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