If you are working in an environment, where you have to frequently leave your computer for a few minutes and you are concerned that somebody else might see what were you doing on your computer in your absence, then there is simple keyboard short-cut in the form of Win Key + L.

This will lock your computer and nobody can access it in your absence. Once you are back to your computer, you just have to enter your password to gain the access.

Problems With Win+L Key as Auto Lock / Unlock Computer

Although easy, this method has some disadvantages. First thing is that you have to enter the password every time you have gain the access. And the other disadvantage is that passwords are always breakable. There are ways and means to crack even some of the strongest passwords and also they can be bypassed / harvested from your system files.

If you want an absolute security, then the solution may be like using a hardware lock on your computer, whose key you can take with yourself.

Lock Computer with USB – Use Predator

Predator is a freeware software, which does the job just perfectly. It workd with a USB and makes the USB like a key. As long as that USB is inserted in the computer, your computer will remain unlocked and you can use it. When you are going away, just take that USB out with you, and the computer will instantly be locked.

You have to install this auto lock onto your computer to use it. At the time of installation, it asks you to enter a password. This password is used to allow you to get access in case you lose your USB Key.

You can monitor, more than one computer with the same USB lock and also multiple USB’s can be used to lock / unlock the same computer depending upon your requirements.

Advanced Security Features of Predator

There are some advanced security features built in for added security.

  • t records all security-related events in a log file, to let you know if intruders have tried to use your computer while you have been away.
  • It can replicate this log on your Twitter account so as to allow you to remotely monitor all access-control activity on your PC.
  • It frequently changes the security codes recorded on your USB drive.
  • It disables the Windows task manager when you unplug the USB drive. Nobody can stop it with Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  • It can sound an audible alarm if somebody enters an invalid password.

Great Features.

[Download Predator]