There are times when you wish to download all attachments in emails coming from a particular sender or topic from a web email account to your computer. There is a handy freeware tool, which can accomplish the job within a few clicks for your. You will not even be required to open your email account. You just have to key in your username and password into the software, which will run on your desktop and it will download all the attachments based upon the filtering criteria set by you in your desired folder.

The application is called Mail Attachment Downloader and you can download it absolutely free from the link given at the end of this post.

You can choose to download all attachments or only those from new email messages, and you can also set filters to limit download to files of a certain type or size. Advanced filtering options allow you to filter messages by sender, subject or body content and date range of the messages. You can even automate the process by having the program download your attachments on a regular schedule.

Mail Attachment Downloader works with Gmail, Hotmail/Live Mail, Yahoo, AOL as well as custom POP or IMAP account settings. Other features include TLS/SSL support, logging of downloads, multi-threaded downloading and more.

Mail Attachment Downloader will be minimized to your system tray and can automatically download  attachments either daily, hourly or a custom time you specify.

There are lots of filtering options available for you to set as per your requirements. You can filter email attachments by size or by file type as shown above. You can also choose to check all mail or selectively check new messages only.

{Download Mail Attachment Downloader]