AVG Free Antivirus Review

AVG is a trusted name for years and by millions when it comes to freeware antivirus applications. It has received many awards and consistently grabbed one of the top 5 positions for the best free antivirus in the tests conducted by many independent testing agencies.

I specially like the uncluttered interface of AVG Free Antivirus. You can fix the security breaches in just one single click through its simple and easy to operate interface.  Threat detection and removal is among the best in its category. And its patent pending powerful feature to detect fake and rogue security suites is a big plus among its peers. In case you are not aware what exactly is a fake antivirus, let me tell you, that these are scareware or ransomeware application, which take hostage of your system. They infect your computer through some trojan infection or some backdoor vulnerability and display false positives to tell you that your computer is infected with lots of malware and spyware and then offer to clean your system if you purchase the full licensed version of them. All this is done just to take your money.

avg free antivirus review

Included in the 2012 version of AVG Free Antivirus, you will find a PC Analyzer option, which acts as a registry cleaner and PC optimizer. It also includes a top notch defragmentation application, which claim to keep your computer in top performing condition.

The smart scanning option allows you to scan your files and folders and schedule them in such a way so as to make the optimum utilization of the system resources. There is one system monitoring tool also included, which warns you when you are about to start an application which is likely to consume more resources that your computer and presently running applications are able to handle.

There are lots of other features, which make it a complete security software, but unfortunately some of them are only available for the premium users.

Here is a video review of AVG Free Antivirus from Youtube.

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