Today’s wen browser are intelligent piece of software. They can be configured to give you a personalized browsing experience and remember your favorite sites, settings and other details.

But what if you require to use the same settings on a different computer. Or in case you want to backup browser settings so that you can quickly restore your browser settings in case your OS crashes and you have to install the OS from the scratch.

Backup, Restore Browser Settings Tool for Popular Web Browsers

The best solution in such case is to keep a backup of your browser settings with you. You can carry these settings alongwith you to another computer and restore the settings there. Or you can use them also on the same computer in case you need to install your web browsers from scratch.

FavBackup is a simple solution for you to backup and restore web browser settings and other data on Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 systems. No installation required and it is totally portable.

backup restore browser settings

As of now, it works on the following browsers.

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Firefox 6
  • Firefox 5
  • Firefox 4
  • Firefox 3.7
  • Firefox 3.6
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Firefox 3 – 2
  • Opera 11.5
  • Opera 11
  • Opera 10.6
  • Opera 10.5
  • Opera 10
  • Opera 9
  • Safari 4
  • Safari 3
  • Google Chrome 15
  • Google Chrome 14
  • Google Chrome 13
  • Google Chrome 12
  • Google Chrome 11
  • Google Chrome 1-10
  • Flock 2.5
  • Flock 2.0