belkin router passwordsMost of the Broadband and Router manufacturers allow users to change the settings of their routers through a control panel, which is accessible through the web browser working on the computer connected with the device. Often these devices are accessible through a private IP address, which is something like

A factory default username and password is set in the firmware of the router, which has to be used when the device is accessed for the first time. Users are allowed to change the username and password to their liking and they can save these settings.

In case a user forgets the router password, he is usually allowed to reset the settings to the factory default through the use of a hardware reset button, usually found on the body of the router.

Belkin Router Passwords – Default List

Belkin is one of the reputed manufacturer of the broadband routers and modems. They manufacture a series of popular models of broadband routers. Here is a list of some of the common Belkin Routers and their default username and passwords. Use the list as per your convenience.

Vendor Model Protocol Username Password
BELKIN F5D6130 SNMP (none) MiniAP
BELKIN F5D7150 Rev. FB MULTI n/a admin
BELKIN F5D8233-4 HTTP (blank) (blank)