File Copying Tools – Why You Need Them

File copying is something learned at the very elementary stage of computer training. It is one  of the most elementary operations learnt, specially with Windows. But the traditioanl File Copy command of Windows has several weaknesses, which make it unsuitable when you require bulk file copying. For instance…

  1. Windows file copying may not allow you to copy files from different folders in one single command.
  2. Windows File Copy command may stop and abort, when it encounters a bad or corrupt file, which cannot be copied to the destination folder. You have to restart the process again.
  3. It also is unsuitable, when the connection between two destinations fail because of some reason. For instance, if the source and target directories are on different disks, there may be some hardware disconnection between the disks.
  4. And also, Windows File Copy commands do not allow to pause the copying operation and resume it at a later stage.

Bulk File Copy Tools – The Specialized Tools You Need

You might need special tools, which can handle such situation. There are plenty of such tools available and we are discussing some of them in this series.

My favorite among a large number of such tools is RichCopy. It is a tool, which was used by Microsoft for their in-house use till a few months back. BUt it has recently ben made available for free public download and use.

RichCopy allows you to gandle all the situations mentioned earlier in an efficient manner. RIchCopy also offers you a speedy transfer and detailed control over many of the file attributes like age, size, or even the security settings for the directory they are in.

bulk file copy tool

The best deal with RichCopy is that it is a multi-threaded copying tool. That means that rather than copying one file at a time in serial order, RichCopy can open multiple threads simultaneously, allowing many files to be copied in parallel and cutting the total time required to complete the operation several times.

But remember, as with all the free utilities from Microsoft, RichCopy is provided as-is, and it’s not supported by Microsoft.

Download RichCopy from Microsoft