If you are searching for a good free keylogger program, then just have a look at open source keylogger BFK. This is  freeware key logger application, which is light weight in load, just 1.1 MB and works just fine for all home and light uses.

BFK, the acronym for Best Free Keylogger allows you to record the keyboard strokes of the computer. It just sits silently and gets invoked as soon as you press pre-defined keyword combination. The default is CTRL+SHIFT+b, but you can change it as per you rwish.

BFK also allows you to take screenshots of the screen at some pre-defined interval. It also record all the websites visited and keeps a track of them in a log. You can modify the settings to email you the reports about the activities performed on the target computer.

best free keylogger

Here is a nice video on BFK, displaying its features and uses.

But, in my testing, BFK was not able to defeat Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, which is available on my laptop. It easily caught the activities and disallowed it to function properly.

[Download Best Free Keylogger, BFK]