Today’s Smartphones like Blackberry are just like highly personalized mini computer. They are capable of storing huge data, personal picture, videos, documents; and mostly all this data is personal and sensitive in nature. Couple it with the fact that since it always travels alongwith the user, there are lots of chances that it gets stolen / missed.

in such situation, if you own a smartphone like Blackberry, you might need a software tool, which can protect the data from online threats and malware, which can backup your important data on a regular basis and also which can help you locate the device, in the unfortunate case you lose it or somebody steals it.

LookOut – Smartphone Antivirus, Backup Tool and Missing device Locator

Lookout is a freeware software, which does all these jobs perfectly. It allows you to …

  1. Protect yourself from mobile viruses and malware. Stop hackers in their tracks. Get free mobile security that is fast, efficient and runs silently in the background.
  2. Back up your contacts and photos. Access your data from anywhere. Transfer your data to a new phone.
  3. Never lose your mobile device again. Locate your lost device on a map from the web. If you can’t find it, you can make your phone “scream” or wipe it out.

smartphone antivirus and backup

Lookout is designed to be cross platform—the core architecture enables the software to run seamlessly on major mobile operating systems and is unified by a centralized server application which enables over the air management and control with the click of a mouse.

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