Personal Blocklist is a free extension for Google Chrome that has been created by Google itself. This extension lets you block websites that you do not want to appear in Google search results. You can just add those websites to your Personal blocklist with this Chrome extension, and then those websites will never appear in your Google search results again.

Personal Blocklist Google Chrome extension is very easy to use. Once you have installed this extension, you will start seeing option “Block website name” with each of the search result. You can just click on that option, and that website will be completely blocked from your search results.

Personal Blocklist

Note: It just blocks the website from appearing in your search results. If you try to go to that website directly in your browser, it does not stops you from doing that.

You can keep blocking as many websites as you want. However, there is no simple way to block multiple websites together by just providing the website list. The only way to block websites is to click on “Block” text that comes with them in search results.

Also, this extension works in Google Chrome only, and does not blocks search results in other browsers.

To see your blocked list, you can just click on the Personal Blocklist extension icon that comes next to Chrome address bar. It will show you list of all the websites that you have blocked. From here, you can also choose to unblock any website.


Be advised that any result that you block is sent back to Google as well, so that Google can analyze the results. Overall, Personal Blocklist Google Chrome extension is quite useful if you keep getting lot of crappy websites in your search results. Using this extension, you can block them for once and for all.

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