We have earlier carried a review on free DNS services like OpenDNS and Norton DNS. OpenDNS is one of the most popular free DNS service with more than 20 million people (about 1% of the total Internet user population). While OpenDNS provides you a fast, safe and efficient mechanism for resolving your desired URL into the correct IP address, Norton DNS is primarily targeted towards filtering the bad content hosted on malware distributing sites.

OpenDNS, in its basic form, also provides you the ability to filter web content and block unwanted sites through various categories. You can choose, which category of websites, you want to filter and which category you want to allow to be accessed through your computer.

But now, OpenDNS has recently launched a new service with the name of OpenDNS Family Filter to aloow you to block unwanted websites and adult content. The best part of using a DNS service to block unwanted web content is that you are not required to install any software onto your computer and, as a corollary, you are saved from the hassles of constantly updating the same again and again.

block unwanted sites

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