There are times, when Malware and viruses corrupt the system to an extent when it is no longer able to even get booted from the hard disk. What to talk about the installed versions of the anti malware and antivirus software, you cannot even start the system.

The best way to use such a system is to format the disk and start all the software installation afresh. But this solution is feasible only if you have complete back up of the user data and all the installable version of the software ready to install in the new system.

But many times this is not the case. And you have to attempt to recover the system and data from whatever is remained. In such situation, you have to use a Bootable Anti Malware Disk

Trinity Rescue Kit – A Bootable Anti Malware, Virus Rescue CD

Trinity Rescue Kit (also known as TRK) is a free command-line Live CD Linux distribution based on Mandriva Linux, aimed specifically at offline operations for Windows and Linux systems such as rescue, repair, password resets and disk cloning. Trinity Rescue Kit is bootable from a CD or USB media.

Features of Trinity Rescue Kit

Following is a feature list of what you can do with Trinity Rescue Kit. AS you can see that more than the Anti Malware Bootable CD, it is a  complete package to recover your system in case of critical problems.

  1. full read/write and rpm support (since build 333)
  2. easily reset windows passwords (backup and restore option in 3.3)
  3. 4 different virusscan products integrated in a single uniform commandline with online update capability (5 in version 3.3)
  4. full ntfs write support thanks to ntfs-3g (all other drivers included as well)
  5. clone NTFS filesystems over the network
  6. wide range of hardware support (kernel and recent kudzu hwdata)
  7. easy script to find all local filesystems
  8. self update capability to include and update all virusscanners
  9. full proxyserver support.
  10. run a samba fileserver (windows like filesharing)
  11. run a ssh server
  12. recovery and undeletion of files with utilities and procedures
  13. recovery of lost partitions
  14. evacuation of dying disks
  15. UTF-8 international character support.
  16. powerful multicast disk cloning utility for any filesystem
  17. 2 rootkit detection uitilities (version 3.3)

[Download Trinity Rescue Kit]