Rescuing an Infected System

Virus removal has become a very complex process today. Gone are the days, when you were required to download a standalone antivirus and it was sufficient for days for your PC Security from virus attacks.

But today’s malware attacks are intelligent. The first thing they do on your system is to make fool proof arrangements for hiding themselves. They modify your system files to make their detection absolutely impossible and get loaded during the boot process itself to take control of your entire system. At times, the system might become so much infected that it may be impossible even to boot it in a regular manner.

Many user think of formatting their system as the only option left. But if you have some important data, which has not yet been backup up, then this option also is a very difficult one to exercise.

In such a situation, you can try to use a bootable antivirus rescue disk, which can boot your system from an external drive and bypass your hard disk during the booting process. This avoids the malware infection to get loaded and take control of your system. it is lying dormant and it is easy for the antivirus stored in the bootable rescue disk to clean your system.

BitDefender Rescue CD – A Useful Choice


BitDefender, the renowned security software vendor, provides a free utility with the name of BitDefender Rescue CD for cleaning your system through a bootable antivirus. It is in the form of an ISO file, which you can use with a CD burning software to create your own Rescue Disk. It uses the open source Linux Operating System to operate and so is light-weight on system resources.

Before the anti-virus application launch, its software update feature will check for the virus definition file and download the latest virus definition file from internet before start scanning the computer.

Not only this, BitDefender Rescue CD also contains other useful third party utilities such as ChkRootkit for scanning for rootkis, Nessus Network Scanner as remote network security scanner, Mozilla Firefox, Partition Image, GtkRecover etc., which make it a complete package for any virus attack recovery plan.

There is a detailed step-by-step guide to help you out for the installation and use of BitDefender Rescue Image CD.

[Download BitDefender Rescue CD]