Complexities of Virus Removal

Virus Removal and Scan is a complex process. The first thing which today’s visuses and malware do is to make their detection difficult by disabling security software and system files. They get loaded as soon as you boot up your system and take control of the entire system.

In such a situation, detection of them through the traditional security software already installed in your system is very difficult, because their potency is already crippled by the presence of malware.

Virus Scan CDs – The Wise Choice

If you find such a system, whose condition is so deteriorated that it is not able to run properly or even not able to boot, the first thing, which comes to mind to rescue the computer is to format the hard disk and start refresh. It is a good option, but only if you have current backup of all your important data. Otherwise, it is a nightmare.

Your only choice in this case can be to use a bootable virus scan and rescue CD, which can initialize your system through an external device and can do a complete scan of your system. This way, the virus infections present in your system cannot take control of your system and can be detected and cleaned easily.

Dr. Web Live CD – A Smart Choice

Dr. Web Live CD is a free download in the form of an ISO file, which is an excellent tool to ensure your PC Security by cleaning an infected system effectively. If you are not sure how to use the rescue CD image file, there is a step by step tutorial at their website, which will guide you through the process.

Dr.Web LiveCD is an anti-virus emergency aid disk that would restore a system that became non-operational due to activities of malware and help copy important information to a removable data-storage device or to another computer. If a workstation or a server running Windows\Unix won’t boot from a hard drive, Dr.Web LiveCD will clean a system of suspicious and malicious files and will also try to cure infected objects.

dr web live cd

Dr. Web Live CD gets its software updated regularly. So it is not advisable to download it today for a later use. You can bookmark the page and use it whenever you want to use it. I have not seen it, but probably it is also having an update feature, which you can use even after you have prepared the bootable antivirus CD. This CD is having linux operating system for its functionality.

[Download Dr.Web LiveCD]

There is a useful video on Youtube on how to use Dr. Web Live CD.