Airtel Data Usage Check

Airtel is one of the popular Internet Service providers in India. They provide Internet access through difference technologies including GPRS and 3G for mobile subscribers and Airtel broadband for basic subscribers.

If you are a customer of Airtel broadband, you might be knowing about their fair usage policy, which restricts your Internet speed after you exhaust your monthly data transfer limits. This happens in case you are using their unlimited data transfer plans. In case you are using their limited data plan, then you are charged extra after you exhaust your monthly free data transfer limits.

In either case, you might be interested to check Airtel Data Usage after a certain period every month. But do you know how to monitor your Airtel broadband usage.

Here is a simple way. No need to download and install any third party software. Just go to the link given below.

And the page you open in your browser will let you know about your Airtel data usage for that month. You can then decide about how to go about in the rest on the month.

check airtel internet data usage