Often you will find that you have downloaded a software from Internet. But before you proceed to install it on your computer, it asks you ifyou have the latest version of MS dotNET installed on your computer or not. And you do not know, what exactly it is and how to check which version of the DotNET framework you are running, if at all.

What is MicroSoft .NET

Microsoft .NET, also known as MS dotNET framework is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. The .NET framework supports multiple programming languages in a manner that allows language interoperability, whereby each language can utilize code written in other languages; in particular, the .NET library is available to all the programming languages that .NET encompasses.

How to Check MS DotNET Framework Version

There are a few Freeware tools, which allow you to check the dotnet framework version quickly. One such tool is VersionCheck utility from TMG Development Ltd., which lists all the installed versions of the .NET runtime on your machine together with service pack level. VersionCheck will also tell you whether you have the required Windows components to run .NET applications.

How Version Check Utility Checks the DotNET Framework

It checks for the presence of .NET runtimes and service packs using the method described by Microsoft here, though it has found that doesn’t work in some cases so we get the version number from the Mscorlib.dll. Internet Explorer and ADO versions are checked by looking up the progid of a known COM server and reading the version information of the file referenced by the corresponding InprocServer32 registry key.

For Version 3.0 of the runtime (which is actually a set of libraries that utilise the 2.0 runtime) it currently checks the version of the Windows Communication Foundation\System.ServiceModel.dll.

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