Often you come to a situation, when you have downloaded a file from Internet or an email attachment and you are doubtful that the file may carry some virus, spyware or malware infection. You may have installed one of the best security software in your computer, but still chances are there that the file downloaded from Internet might contain the infection and your security software has not been able to detect it.

Different security software have different capabilities and you can never be absolutely sure that if one software has cleared it then the file is clean. It is always suggested that you must scan the file with multiple security suites to increase the chances of being sure that the file is actually clean.

VirusTotal – Online File Scan Tool for Checking, Scanning for Malware and Virus

VirusTotal is a free online application, which allos you to upload any file upto 20 MB of size and it will scan file for any virus or malware infection with more than 40 popular security software. The list of these software include almost all of the most popular names in the industry today. And if the file comes clean in the test, you can be reasonably sure that the scanned file is actually clean from virus and malware infections.

check scan files for virus

The entire process of scanning file for malware and virus takes less than a minute and we suggest utilizing this application for all files about which you have slightest of doubt of being infected. The results are slightly complicated to interpret for an average computer user, but if even a few of the security software flag the file is infected, it is enough to say clear of the file.

Not only files uploaded from your computer, VirusTotal also allows you to check or scan any web page for possible virus or malware infections. You just have to enter the URL of the web page, and it wills can for possible malware infections.

Please be advised that like all other security software tools, VirusTotal is also prone to errors and may raise some false positives.