Google Chrome Plus Browser – The Enhanced Version of Google Chrome

chromeplus reviewIf you love Google Chrome for its brute speed with which it allows you to surf the web, then there is yet another clone of it.

ChromePlus. The enhanced version of Google Chrome. ChromePlus adds a few features to Google Chrome browser and make it more feature rich. The additional features included in ChromePlus at present include…

  1. Double click tab to close page.
  2. Mouse Gestures
  3. Super drag
  4. IE tab
  5. Download tools supported in context menu.

Nice features, they surely add value to Google Chrome. You can read a few detailed reviews of ChromePlus on my friend Nirmal’s Life Rocks 2.0, Keith’s Techie-Buzz, LifeHacker, gHacks and How-to-geek.

My ChromePlus Review – Do You Really Need ChromePlus Browser

One important thing to remember about it is that ChromePlus, although have all the functionality of Google Chrome, it remains a hard fact that it is not from Google. ChromePlus is a browser, which is developed by 2 main contributors: Jalon Zhai & Laura G.Van.

My point in this era, when hundreds and thousands of security threats surface each day, is that the security of your web browser is extremely important. It is essential that your browser is able to block the PC Security threats as far as possible without leaving any vulnerabilities.

This requires lots of efforts and constant development of the browser. I am not questioning the capabilities of the developers of ChromePlus Browser, but I had a feeling that they cannot match the might of Google, with all the resources it has at its disposal and the vast pool of online information it collects every single second from the web.

My Chrome Plus Review – Features are Good, But Browser Security is more Important

As I said, a few additional features here and there, can never be a substitute to the security of web browsers. You cannot compromise on the security on any aspect. If you really are fond of the additional features provided to you by ChromePlus browser, you can try alternate browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Most of the additional features of ChromePlus are available in them.

Carrying the argument further, browser development is a continuous activity. You have to devote time and effort constantly to evolve it and push the updates to the users to let them update their machines.

I even do not know, how frequent they update ChromePlus web browser, if they update it all. As far as I know, they always lag behind the Google Chrome by a huge margin in updating its funcionality. Can you really trust them in such a case.

At this stage, I cannot vote for using ChromePlus browser, simple because it is not from an established source at present.

What do you think?

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