ClamWin – Portable Virus Remover for USB Flash Drive Security

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USB Security – Why You Need A Portable Virus Remover

usb virus removerSecurity software suites are very common these days. They try to provide comprehensive PC Security from viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits, phishing and other infections. Great.

But what if you need to use many computers at different places and you cannot ensure that they are all having the best security virus remover software updated with the latest virus definitions. You might be carrying your presentations and document files on your USB Flash Drive, and need to use your client’s computer to give a presentation. Would you risk to insert your USB Flash Drive in that without taking security precautions? What are your options?

A Portable Virus Remover is something you need in such a situation. You just have to download them, mostly free, and they will protect your USB drives from all sorts of malware infections.

What are Portable AntiVirus

Portable Antiviruses are generally stripped down version of their commercial software. They are mostly free for download and open source in nature. Portable antivirus software generally do not provide you a real time protection like other comprehensive security software and they provide malware protection on demand basis. You can carry them with you in your flash drive and your data remains protected even if you insert your drive in a computer full of spyware and malware.

There is yet another important advantage of using a Portable Antivirus software

Many of the present day malware use a multi-dimensional approach to hide themselves and attack even the running security software. If your security software is not updated, and is not able to detect the malware, then there are chances that it will try to disable the updating process of the security software and thus, the malware will win the fight.

But not so with the Portable Antivirus.

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Since it is not plugged in there all the time, there are fair chances that your USB remains protected from the wrath of the malware when it is doing the damage and disabling the security software and applications.

ClamWin – One of the Best Portable Antivirus Solutions

ClamWin is probable the most popular Portable Virus Remover today. It is open-source application and the download file comes without any virus definitions. When you download it and run it for the first time, it then downloads the definitions and updates itself for the big fight.

It is suggested that you should run it for the first time immediately after download, because otherwise the virus definitions will not be there, and when you try to use it, you may not be having the Internet connection available to you.

The user interface of ClamWin Portable Antivirus is very clean, with a very few options. But as you go deeper in the preferences section, you will find a lot of useful features, which can customize how ClamWin provides you protection from malware.

clamwin portable antivirus

ClamWin requires about 20MB on your drive to work.

[Download ClamWin Portable Virus Remover]

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