Cloud Based Antivirus and PC Security software have an inherent advantage that as soon as any of the machine in the community diagnoses a threat all the other system operating within that cloud gets notified and comes under protection for that threat. This is quite different and faster than the case of standalone desktop security software where each individual computer has to download the latest virus definition and update its database to protect against latest threats.

That way, cloud based antivirus are fast to respond to a growing threat.

KingSoft Antivirus – Freeware Antivirus on Cloud

We have already covered a useful cloud Antivirus from Immunet in an earlier post on this blog. In this post we are introducing Kingsoft cloud antivirus to our reader.

By Applying Cloud Security technology, Kingsoft Free Antivirus provides effective and efficient protection solutions with faster operation and lower CPU utilization. Its advanced anti-virus tool detects emerging threats and removes hidden threats from your computer. The comprehensive defender ensures your computer’s security from any potential risk. It also provides you with several convenient tools, such as USB Device Protection, IM Protection, Disk Cleaner, History Cleaner, LSP Repair and so on.

And a unique feature of Kingsoft Antivirus is that it keeps your computer protected even when working offline. Cloud Antivirus monitors and processes viruses stored on our Cloud servers, on a database we call Backup Virus Definitions. Your computer is secured at any time. Keep in mind that RackSpace cloud company also offers their own security.

cloud antivirus kingsoft

Features of KingSoft Cloud Antivirus

  1. Lower CPU utilization and thus faster PC operation.
  2. Complete compatibility with Windows operating systems.
  3. Convenient, Effective, Efficient, and User Friendly!
  4. Monitor downloads with tools and block attacks from the Internet.
  5. Monitor and scan transferred files from MSN and other messengers.

[Download KingSoft Cloud Antivirus]