The Need of Secure Email Service Provider

secure email service providerEmails have changed the way we communicate with one another. Today, we cannot imagine the world without emails.But very few people recognize and acknowledge that emails are just like open letters without any envelope, which can easily be read by anybody, who can sniff across to the data sent to and from your internet connection.

Despite this huge threat to your online privacy, there is a very small percentage of people who go for using the secured and encrypted emails. One reason may be the cost involved, but there are lots of secured email service providers, which provide free secured email services for personal uses.

Comodo SecureEMail – Free Secure Email Service for Personal Use

The world renowned security software vendor Comodo, provides a free secured email service for your personal use. The name is Comodo SecreEmail.

Traditionally, exchanging digital signatures with someone required both of you to send each other already signed secure emails. Before taking this step, neither could read each other’s encrypted secure emails. SecureEmail’s unique ‘session’ certificates make this usually complex process seamless. Here’s how it works: when sending a digitally signed secure email to someone else, they’ll be able to view it immediately by either downloading SecureEmail themselves, or simply using the online WebReader of Comodo.

The biggest bottleneck with the use of the encrypted and secured emails is that they require the recipients of these encrypted emails also to have  way of decrypting the email messages. If you can convince your friends, relatives, colleagues and employees to use the same secured email service provider, then this will be a big step towards the security of your emails.

Features of Comodo SecureEmail

  1. Simple and easy to use: Fast set-up, automatic encryption protection and signing of outgoing secure emails makes it easy for even non-technical users to enjoy private and secure messaging.
  2. Unique ‘session certificates’ save time and eliminate hassle: Allows users to encrypt messages even when they don’t have their contact’s secure email certificates installed.
  3. WebReader service: Online interface allows recipients to read secure mail that was encrypted with a session certificate.
  4. Encryption even if your mail client doesn’t support encryption protection: Comodo SecureEmail operates at the network level, and provides encryption protection and digital signing even if your mail client doesn’t.
  5. Automatic certificate exchange and installation: SecureEmail’s notification system ensures both sender and recipient are instantly updated with each others certificates.
  6. Built in set-up ‘wizard’: Easily configure Comodo email certificates upon installation.
  7. Automatic importation of prior mail settings: Cuts down set-up time by importing relevant settings from all major email clients.
  8. Built-in “security slider”: Use this tool to easily switch between pre-defined email security levels.
  9. Group Policies feature: Use this to specify different levels of security for different email contact groups, like friends or business associates.
  10. Large menu of customization options: Make SecureEmail work the way you want it to with total control over settings.
  11. Built-in assistance: SecureEmail helps every step of the way with easy to understand tips and help.

Here is a nice video on Comodo SecureEmail.

[Download Comodo SecureEmail]