Need to Configure Multiple IPAddresses

If you have work on your laptop at different locations, which require you to use a different IP Address, then you may find it irritating to switch your IP Address and network settings each time you change your place. You might have to change particular IP address, gateway address, subnet mask, proxy server and default printer, etc., to particular network environment.

And this may not only need to require you to remember all those settings, but also to reboot the computer every time you change the location. Very irritating.

However, there is an easy way out. There are freeware software available, which allow you to configure multiple IP Addresses on a single machine and also allow you to switch these IP Addresses with a single mouse click, without needing you to reboot it all again.

One such software is Free IP Switcher from Eusing Software. It switches between preconfigured network settings with a single click and without any reboot. With Free IP Switcher you can automatically change all network settings on your pc: IP address, network masks, default gateway, DNS server, wins server, proxy settings, default printer and more. The complete list of settings, which can be switched is as given below.

  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • DNS Server
  • WINS Server
  • Computer Name
  • DNS Domain
  • Workgroup
  • Default Printer
  • Network-Domain
  • Proxy Settings

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Features of Free IP Switcher

  1. Switch IP network settings “on the fly” without restarting
  2. Switch Internet Explorer proxy-server settings
  3. Switch your default printer
  4. Switch your computer name and workgroup
  5. Import current network settings to the setting
  6. System-tray icon support, auto-start with windows
  7. 100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses

[Download Free IP Switcher]