Update: I have been receiving lots of comments and requests from visitors to this page looking to crack yahoo passwords. Please be advised that this post has nothing to do with cracking Yahoo Passwords. We do not provide any such service, and your request is not going to generate any response.


Are you looking to crack the Yahoo Email Password for somebody else’s yahoo mail account?

If you search it on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine, you might come across many such websites, where you are asked to send the email login details of your email account alongwith the email ID of the yahoo account you want to crack.

They tell that once they crack your desired yahoo email, they will send the username password to you.

But beware. This is nothing but a ploy to get the email login details of your own account. There is no such service, which will crack the yahoo email password and send to you.

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One such page, which I came across recently, read like the following.

How To Hack Yahoo Passwords

This is the best way to hack anyone’s Yahoo password. First, open a new email message.

Type in the “To:” box this email address: passwd_bot@yahoo.com. This is the email robot that Yahoo staffers use to check user accounts. In the subject line, type “CHK PASSWD” (type this in upper case *exactly* as shown).

In the body, type on the 1st line your yahoo email address (ex: you@hotmail.com). On the 2nd line, type yourpassword. And on the 3rd line, type the email address you want to hack (ex: them@yahoo.com). You must add “;” (no quotes!) at the end of each line so their server will process it as a command.

Here is an example of what the email should look like: To: passwd_bot@yahoo.com





The security hole has been well documented on BugTraq, but those lamers at yahoo haven’t fixed it yet. Get it while you can! :-P

Can you see the plot. Don’t fall for them.