If you are concerned about somebody accessing your private and confidential data stored in your computer, and want to create secret, hidden and encrypted partitions on your hard disk, then SecretDisk is an option worth considering.

SecretDisk is a freeware, lightweight and efficient software, which can create upto eight secret hidden partitions onto your HDD Disk. The encryption algorithms used are industry standards like AES (Rijndael), GOST 28174-89, Blowfish, Wwofish and CAST 256.

The 32 bit version SecretDisk is absolutely free, but you can also download the 64 bit version limited to 30 days’ trial period.

Features of SecretDrive, The Free Virual Partition Maker

  • 32/64 bit architecture support
  • Strong “on the fly” data encryption by one of five modern encryption algorithms
  • Simultaneous work up to 16 virtual disks
  • RAM disk support
  • Optional creation up to 4 hidden disks in an existing one
  • Backup and restore secret disk header
  • Encryption/decryption of files
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Containers are protected from accidental deletion
  • Built-in wipe manager
  • Built-in text encrypter
  • Built-in passwords generator

[Download SecretDisk]