Data Encryption goes a long way in allowing you to safeguard your private and confidential data falling into wrong hands. But I have seen many people just shying away from encrypting their sensitive data because of a lot of reasons.

They think data encryption is not for them and they quote several reasons for that, like

  • Data Encryption is a tedious process, they do not know how to do that.
  • They do not have Data Encryption Tools, and they do not want to buy them.

But let me tell you, it is not such a difficult process, and there are lots of free, open source, portable and simple tools available, which allow you to safeguard your data in encrypted form just with a few clicks.

LockNote – A Free Portable Encryption Tool for Simple Notes, Passwords

LockNote is a free portable encryption tool, which can encrypt your important passwords, credit card numbers, notes, and every such thing, which you often need with just a few simple clicks. It is a light-weight program, just a few hunderds of kb, and doesn’t require any installation. You just have to enter your data to be encrypted into it, and give a password. The data will be encrypted and stored.

You can simply copy the locked file to a USB stick, iPod or other portable device (or send it by email) and unlock it on any PC. The idea behind LockNote is not to provide a full featured data storage, but a simple, secure and portable way to store any kind of text information. If you want to organize your data, you can create multiple copies of LockNote and rename them to identify the data they contain (e.g Personal.exe, Bank.exe).

portable encryption

The drawback of the program is that, it does not allow you to store the data alongwith the formatting. You will loose all the formatting as the data is in plain text only format.

[Download LockNote]