How to Detect Fake and Phishing Emails

Email applications like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. present email messages, which allow the recipient to quickly know the Subject, Sender details and the message content. However, most email users are not aware that the email messages received by them contains lot more information about the sender than is visually seen.

Every email message contains a header part, which carries vital information like Orignating IP address, hostname, organization, Message ID, and Geographical information (Continent, Country, City, Time zone etc). It also contains email routing information (originating IP, location, source ISP provider etc.), with which you can check whether an email is actually a phishing attempt or not.

In case you are well aware of the syntax, you can know all these details just by looking at the header information. But in case you are not that tech-savvy, I just came across a handy online tool, which allows you to quickly decode the header information and present you the details in neatly organized manner.

You just have to copy the header information from your email and paste that in the filed given on the online tool, whose link is given at the bottom of this post.

But, How to Get the Header Information From Email

Most of the email service providers have an option for it. You just have to take the service of Google to know how to do it. For instance, in case of Gmail, you have to click on the drop down arrow and select the “Show Original” option as shown in the screenshot given below.

detect fake email

[Email Header Analysis Tool]