Has it ever happened to you that you have received a phone bill running into thousands of bucks, without ever remembering to use your phone to such a large extent. While you investigate other things, keep in mind that one of the culprit may be the Dialer Malware hidden in your computers.

What is a Dialer Malware

remove dialer malwareDialer Malware automatically inserts and modifies the numbers depending on the time of day, country or area code dialed. It can dial specific numbers without your  knowledge and thus causing you fat telephone bills.

Who is gaining in the process. While your phone company may not be the culprit, but the agency, who is running the service might be the culprit. Or it might have associated with some unscrupulous elements to run this racquet. It is so because ultimately they are the beneficiary of this scheme.

How to Avoid Dialer Malware Infections

Many of the good quality security software suites provide you effective protection against Dialler Viruses. But we have been maintaining that when it comes to Internet Security, no security software can provide you a fool-prrof cover. The best way is to exercise restraint and be cautious.

Follow these practices to avoid falling victim to a dialer malware infection.

    1. If you no longer need a modem in your computer, remove it. Or at least disconnect the phone line from the modem;
    2. Install good quality anti-virus software. Many are designed to prevent this kind of malicious software, or “Malware.” More importantly, make sure your subscription for new virus patterns is current and configured to automatically download and install updates;
    3. Install and regularly run Adware protection solutions.
    4. And do not, under any circumstances, blindly hit “OK” to pop-ups or similar annoyances without first making sure what you are agreeing to.