In order to make your Internet surfing fast and convenient. almost all of Today’s Internet browsers have AutoComplete feature, which allows you to save your login name and passwords. These login details are used to automatically fill the web forms every time you visit a particular website.

Security Issue of Browsers’ Password Saving Feature

Yes, it is true that it adds to your convenience, but there are two main issues with this. First, slowly you start relying on this feature and deliberately avoid taking the pains to remember the password. Slowly you use your habit of remembering password.

Secondly, and more importantly, saving your passwords in your computer’s browser files is a security hazard. It is true that these passwords are saved deep down in the browser files in an encrypted form, but there are sophisticated tools available, which can crack your saved passwords within a matter of seconds. If somebody gains control of your computer, then just a few clicks will reveal all your important passwords.

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How to Disallow Browsers Password Saving Features

It is simple, and it is right there in your browser’s settings. Here we are giving the steps for the Internet Explorer, which is still the most popular Internet Browser despite the availability of several new web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

1. Go to Tools > Internet Options.

2. Click on the Content Tab.

3. Click on the Settings Button

disable IE passwords

4. A new window will open, where you will get lots of options related to the AutoComplete feature. Just choose, which options you would like to keep and which you want to disallow.

disallow IE password storage

5. Save the settings.

Remember, there is always a trade-off between security and convenience. ANd you have to take the final call.