If you are searching for a web browser to display computer on TV, then try Kylo. It is a Mozilla Firefox based web browser, developed to let you browser the web through your HDTV connected to your computer.

Kylo is a full-fledged browser, which allows you to enter the full URL’s like http://thepcsecurity.com and reach the homepage of this blog. But looking at the convenience of browsing the most commonly used websites, there are as many as 128 large buttons on the homepage, which take you directly to popular websites like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, ESPN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox, without the need to enter the URL.

display computer on tv

The buttons and text is large enough, and you can read them easily sitting at the comfort of your couch in front of your TV. For the convenience of the users, the address bar and the buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, because it is inconvenient to look at the top of your HDTV screen repeatedly.

The integrated search engines choices are there and you can choose any of the popular search engines to search.

This service to display computer on TV is presently in BETA and you can download it free.

[Download Kylo]