diy phishing kitPhishing and Hacking are quickly becoming an organized sector today. There are ready made DIY phishing kits available, which make the life easier for hackers. They are capable of creating phishing pages for popular services like Hotmail, Paypal etc., within a matter of one hour or so. One can find them easily on hacker’s forums, often for a small price and sometimes even free of cost.

However, there is a twist in the tale, just uncovered by the data security blog Imperva. They have found a Do-It-Yourself Phishing Kit available, which allows hackers to create phishing pages within an hour and start their business. But while it works perfectly for the hackers, it starts sending a large part of the phished data to the creators of the script. Only a small part of the data is given to the hacker, who creates the phishing page, hosts it on some site and takes all the pain of marketing the phishing page.

The small part of data is given to the hacker so that he thinks that the script is working fine and continues his efforts.

Very clever, indeed.

And with a claim of about 200,000 downloads already on the mark, one can easily estimate the kind of success that creator of the kit might be having.

Read the interesting post on Imperva Blog.