Download Facebook Pics – Freeware Application

Facebook has virtually broken all records of the popularity for a social networking site. With about 600 million users, all spending considerable time online on facebook, the success of Facebook is just unparalleled.

A lot of Facebook user use it to share their pics with friends and family members. And lot of them want to download faceboob pics from their own photo albums or their friends’ albums or even all pics, in which they have been tagged.

Downloading photos from Facebook can be a pain in the ass, if you are trying to download lots of pics at one go. You might need specialized facebook photo downloader tools to do the job because it may not be possible for you to download them all one by one.

fbDownloader is one such freeware application, which can do the job pretty easily with a few clicks. It is a desktop application, which has to be downloaded onto your desktop PC and your facebook account username and password are to be entered into it.

download facebook pics

Features of fbDownloader – The freeware tool to Download Facebook Pics

fbDownloader is a pretty versatile application when it comes to downloading facebook photos. It allows you to…

  • Download Facebook photos and albums
  • Download the photos you tagged in
  • Download Facebook tagged photos
  • Download your friends’ photos
  • Download Facebook friends’ photos

Here is a TekZilla video which reviews the basic functionality of fbDownloader.

[Download fbdownloader – freeware tool to Download Facebook Pics]