Hard Drive Data Eraser – Why You May Need It

You might be knowing that when you delete a file, Windows doesn’t actually remove the contents of a file. Instead, it simply remove the file’s entry from the file system directory, because this requires less work and is therefore usually faster. The contents of the file—the actual data—remain on the storage medium. The data will remain there until Windows reuses the space for new data.

erase hard disk dataIn some systems, enough file system metadata is also left behind to enable easy un-deletion by commonly available utility software. Even when un-delete has become impossible, the data, until it has been overwritten, can be read by software that reads disk sectors directly. Computer forensics often employs such software.

Likewise, reformatting, repartitioning or re-imaging a system is not always guaranteed to write to every area of the disk, though all will cause the disk to appear empty or, in the case of reimaging, empty except for the files present in the image, to most software.

So, in case, you are giving your computer to your local repairing shop for maintenance, or you are discarding your disk, there are ample chances that the sensitive data stored on your computer remains accessible even if you delete it, format it, repartition it or do something like.

You actually need a good quality Hard Drive Data Eraser.

Eraser – A Great Free Hard Drive Data Eraser for Windows

Eraser, as the name suggests is a freeware download to erase the data stored on your hard drive completely, before you discard it or hand over it somebody else. It makes sure that your the data is complete wiped off so as not to land in somebody else’s hands who can misuse it.

The Feature of Eraser

  • It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 can still be used with version 5.7!
  • It works with any drive that works with Windows
  • Secure drive erasure methods are supported out of the box
  • Erases files, folders and their previous deleted counterparts
  • Works with an extremely customisable Scheduler

Here is a nice video showing you how to download and use this free hard disk data eraser.

[Download Eraser]