Draytek Router Default Password – Login Username Help for Draytek

draytek router passwordMost of the broadband routers and modem device manufacturers allow users to configure the settings of their devices through a web browser connected to the device. It is accessible through a private IP address, many times it being, which you have to enter in the URL address bar of your browser.

To prevent un-authorized access to the settings page of your router, a default router username and password is set within the firmware of the device. But sometimes manufacturers prefer to keep the username and password as blank. This is done to facilitate consumer convenience.

About Draytek

DrayTek is a Taiwanese manufacturer of broadband equipment, including firewalls, VPN devices, routers and wireless LAN devices. The company was founded in 1997 by a team of experienced engineers who decided to form their own company and create what they feel are superior network products.

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Their earliest products included ISDN based solutions, the first being the ISDN Vigor128, a USB terminal adaptor for Windows and Mac OS. This was followed by the ISDN Vigor204 ISDN terminal adaptor/PBX and Vigor2000, their first router.

Draytek is a vendor, which generally leaves the default router password and username as blank for its devices. In case you are not able to access your router through a blank username and password, you can try the following set of default settings.

Vendor – Model Username Password
Draytek – Vigor2130 admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2200E-Plus admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2500 admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2600vg admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2700 user user
Draytek – Vigor2700e admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2800vg admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2820 user user
Draytek – Vigor2910 admin admin
Draytek – Vigor2930 user user

Source: http://www.pcwintech.com/default-router-modem-passwords

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