What are Windows Processes

windows processesLike most modern operating systems, Windows can run many programs at the same time. Still, unless your computer has several processors, it can only perform one task at a time. To solve this problem Windows switches rapidly between all running programs, creating the illusion of all programs running in parallel.

How to See Which Processes are Currently Running on Your Computer

Windows has a simple function for it. Just Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, and you will get the desired window.

Why You May Need to Kill Certain Processes

You may need to kill Windows Processes when you are trying to remove malware and spyware from your computer. If you are using some step-by-step instructions for the malware removal from your computer, then first you have to kill the processes associated with the malware. Today’s malware and viruses take control of the entire system in their hands and make your security software handicapped. Unless you kill the malicious process, it is sometimes very difficult for the security software to identify the malware and clean your computer.

At many other times, a process may be taking too much time to get completed and may be causing a huge drain on your system. In such cases you might want to identify the process causing it and kill that.

How to Kill, End or Stop Windows Processes

Just select the desired process and kill it.

How to identify which Windows Processes to Kill

It is a tricky process. Sometimes the names of the running processes can easily be identified with a running Windows application. But many a times, the names are so ambiguous that it is almost impossible for an average computer user to identify the application associated with the process. Many of the currently running windows processes are associated with system files and it is essential to let them run for correct operation of your Windows operating system.

If you are not sure about any of them, there are many process libraries, which you can refer. Just enter the name of the process in their database, and complete information about them will be there for you. You can then decide what you want to do with that process.

Some of the good Process Libraries are as follows.