Emails have surpassed all other means of communications by leaps and bounds. But they are highly susceptible of interception by different parties. In case you are worried about your email security, then you should seriously consider to encrypt your email messages, so that they can only be de-crypted by the person authorized to receive your email.

Encrypting Emails in Images and Pictures is one of the many ways of email encryption. The advantage of such encryption is that the unauthorized person trying to open your email may get fooled by the presence of the an image, because images are often shared through emails.

4t HIT Mail Privacy – The Freeware Email Encryption Tool

4t HIT Mail is a freeware utility which allows you to encrypt email messages within pictures. To use it, both the sender and the receiver should have this software running on their computers. The sender can encrypt the email alongwith a password of his choice, which has to be shared with the receiver to let him allow to open the email and read the content.

encrypt emails in images

You can download the application from this link The package is in the form of a ZIP file, which you can unzip and install on your computer. However a drawback of the software is that you have to type the message to be encrypted in a filed within the software itself. You cannot encrypt it directly from your email client itself. Yet another limitation of the application is that your message, desired to be encrypted, should not have more than 250 characters.

If you can cope with these limitations, then 4t HIT Mail Privacy is a nice little utility for security email messages with encryption.