File Encryption has been a well-known procedure for the safety and protection of your important and confidential files. People know it well, but still shy away from it most of the time, because of lack of awareness and complexities involved. They do not want to go through the hassles of a complex file encryption and decryption software and also sometimes they shy away from using a paid software for such a job.

If you are one among such people, would you not like to consider using a tiny freeware utility, which allows you to provide you file encryption and password protection with just a simple right click.

Yes its possible now with Right Click Encrypter. It changes your right click menu and adds an entry. Whenever you click on the icon of the file to be encrytped you will find an option to encrypt the file, which allows you to encrypt that file with your chosen password.

file encryption

The time taken to encrypt the file will depend upon the size and type of the file to be encrypted.

[Download Right Click Encrypter]