Windows Firewall is a feature, which is often not used by most of the computer users. Some do not know about it, some are too busy to give it a damn thought and rest think that it is too geeky for them to understand. I have seen many Windows Experts just shying away from this topic, and their machines are not protected with this important feature.

What is a Firewall

Firewalls are that part of your computer system, which blocks the unauthorized access – both to and from your computer, based upon the authorization rules specified by you.Windows Vista has a built in Firewall, but many people just do not use this important PC Security Tool.

How to Change Windows Firewall Settings

Just Click on Start Menu and type Firewall in the Search Box of Start Menu.

Click on Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. A new Window will open, where you can tweak your Windows Firewall settings and make your own rules as which programs are allowed to make outbound or inbound connections.

In the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window, there are three panes. Click on the Windows Firewall Properties link on the middle pane, and following window will open.


In this window, you can tweak the firewall settings. There are three tabs; Domain Profile, Private Profile and Public Profile. Click on each tab to make sure that Firewall State is ON for all the three tabs.

Next, if you have never changed your Windows Firewall settings in the past, then you will find that Inbound Connections are “Blocked” but the outbound connections are “Allowed”. These are the default settings for Windows Vista.

These settings are ok for an average user, but if you want to harden your PC Security, then all outbound connections are also required to be blocked. Change them to “Block” state in all the three tabs and save your settings.

Now you need to create rules for allowing the programs like your Internet Browsers, your security software etc., which need to access the Internet.

For it, click on the Outbound Rules link on the left plane of Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window. A new window will open, click on “New Rules” link on the top right section. Follow the steps thereafter for each program, which you want to allow the Internet access.

Important: Having said that, however, it is seen that if you do not configure the Windows Firewall correctly, you may encounter some “Failed to Connect” messages each time you visit sites. Keep remembered that when any such message appears from any application on your PC, remember that you may have to tweak your Windows Firewall settings to let that applications work smoothly.

Remember, your PC Security is too precious and requires some time and effort on your part to be devoted.