Broadband Routers and Networking devices can generally be configured by the users through a web browser running on a computer attached to that device. Usually these devices are accessed through a private IP address, something like, and a combination of user set username and password.

First time users have to use a default set username and password combination, which is built by the manufacturer within the firmware of the device. In case you forget the username and password after its configuration, users are allowed to reset the settings to the default factory settings. In this process the login details are also reset and you can access the device with the help of default passwords.

About Enterasys Networks

Formed in March 2000 as a spin-off of Cabletron Systems, Enterasys Networks is a networking company catering almost exclusively to large enterprises. The company designs and manufactures all types of networking equipment including routers, switches, and 802.11 wireless access points and controllers.
In addition to hardware, the company also builds software for managing and securing enterprise-class networks such as Intrusion Prevention System, Network Access Control and Security Information Management.

Here is a list of some of the popular devices manufactured by Enterasys. You can use this list to get your Enterasys default password.

Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Access / Impact Notes
ANG-1105 unknown HTTP admin netadmin Admin default IP is
ANG-1105 unknown Telnet (none) netadmin Admin default IP is
Vertical Horizon ANY Multi admin (none) Admin this works in telnet or http
Vertical Horizon VH-2402S Multi tiger tiger123 Admin