Microsoft Excel has a built in feature, which allows you to protect any of your Excel Sheet with a password of your choice. This feature of MS Excel is specially useful if you want to protect only a part of the sensitive information from others, but the rest of the information has to be shared with others.

Here are the simple steps to protect your data with Excel Sheet Passwords. The associated screenshots apply to MS Excel 2007, but are applicable to other versions of MS Excel also.

Right Click on the Target Excel Sheet > Select Protect Sheet.

Enter your desired password in the next window. Check the desired options.

excel sheet passwordexcel worksheet password

For removing the password protection from these protected Excel Worksheet, just do the opposite.

In case, you have forgotten the password or you want to access an Excel File, whose sheet passwords you are not knowing, then you can consider reading the other post on this blog titled How to Crack, Unprotect MS Excel Workbook / Worksheet Password

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