extend office 2010 trial period

The trial version of Microsoft Office 2010 can be downloaded and used for a period of 30 days without any problem. If you are happy with its features and performance, then you can go for the purchase otherwise drop it.

But wait, there is a third option also.

In case you want to extend the trial period of MS Office 2010 without purchasing the license key, then there is a process called re-arming, which allows you to extend the trial period by a further period of one month. This re-arming can be used upto 5 times, which means that a total period of six months is available for you to use it and make up your mind, whether you want to purchase the license of Office 2010 or not.

How to Extend Office 2010 Trial Period

If you search for the ways to extend trial period of MS Office, then you will find that there are a few sites, which give a step-by-step procedure to extend the trial version. But they involve using the command OSPPREARM in the command prompt.

But there is a tiny freeware utility, called Office 2010 Trial Extender, which can be used to do the trick.

But isn’t it illegal to do the same?

The answer is I do not know exactly. Although the website says…

…the rearm feature was made for corporate users, it cannot be illegal to use it since it’s an official feature.

Disclaimer: I have not used the feature myself. use your own discretion before trying to extend Office 2010 Trial Period.

[Download Office 2010 Trial Extender]