Why You might Not Like Default Windows File Copy Command

Windows File Copy is a command, which is learnt by every Windows user in the very beginning. But despite it being super easy to use, there are many inherent weaknesses in it, becuase of which it is not suitable, if you want to copy lots of file from one location to the other.

For instance, Windows File Copy command does not support pause and resume functionality, it aborts the operation as soon as it encounters a corrupt and bad file and also the speed of Windows File Copy command is not suitable for bulk file copying at a faster rate.

FastCopy – The fastest File Copy Program

If your prime requirement is speed, and you want a faster file copying program, then FastCopy is probably the best tool you can have. We have also reviewed another fast copying tool TeraCopy on this blog, but practical uses have shown that FastCopy is even faster than TeraCopy.

fast copy

Besides the speed, there are three other special features of FastCopy, which you may like.

  1. Instead of writing the full path of source and destination folders, or browsing through, you can simply drag and drop them into the text area.
  2. FastCopy can be configured to be accessible through your right-click content menu.
  3. And it is portable. You carry it in your USB drive.

However, the user interface of FastCopy is cluttered to say the least and looks very 2005-ish.

But still, a useful free file copy tool, if speed is your prime concern.

[Download FastCopy]