Data Loss, System Crash, Lost files…these are some of the words, which can give nightmares to any computer user, which has some important data on computer. These incidences do happen, and they happen at a time when you least expect them. They come as a surprise. And when you think of the reasons of data loss or corrupt files, there are many of them.

Some of the Reasons of Data Loss – When You May Need Special Tools for File Recovery

  1. Data could be lost due to intention or unintentional file deletion, drive re-format and drive partitioning.
  2. Corrupted system files may also indirectly affect you data by making it inaccessible. System conflict as a result of application or new hardware device installation is commonly the main culprit of system corruption.
  3. Malicious-ware, like viruses, can spread like wild fire causing partial or complete damage to your valuable data.
  4. Manufacturing defects, power surge, impact, heat, fire, water etc will cause mechanical or electronic damage to data media. As a result, normal access to such damaged media is no longer possible.

portable file recovery

Whatever the causes, if one does not have proper backup procedure, data loss is inevitable. Data recovery services appear to be the last resort. However, one must understand that such rescue attempt will never guarantee that all lost data will be recoverable if the extent of damage is extremely adverse.

In this series of posts, we are looking at some of the useful and well-known File Recovery tools and here we present ADRC Data Recovery Software.

ADRC Data Recovery Software Tool

ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools contains a collection of DIY data recovery tools that supports a wide variety of drives and file systems.

The software incorporates extremely simple GUI with novice users in mind. The software zooms in to do only critical recovery functions with minimum complexity so one could recover the data easily. It gives you full control to undelete files, disk image back up, restore a backup image, copy files from hard disk with bad sectors, disk cloning, backup, edit and restore your boot parameters.

It is absolutely free! It is our pleasure to offer you the software without charge, direct or hidden, to download and use a fully functional copy of the program. The software will not install any spyware or adware. It does not gives pop-up ads or force any form of subscription to mailing lists.

File Recovery - Download Portable

The program is designed to be compact “green-ware” without any installation. In fact, the whole program is less than 130 kb and you could stuff it anywhere (such as a floppy) and run the program from there to recover data.

If you are happy with the utility, share the information with others about ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools or place to link to our download home page.