find lost stolen mobilesWe have earlier mentioned about some great mobile antivirus tools like LookOut, NetQin, Droid Security Antivirus Free. They provide effective antivirus protection for your smartphones like Blackberry and Androids.

But, they are useful till the time the smartphone is there with you. These mobile antivirus software, cannot protect your data in case your cellphone is stolen or lost.

F-Secure, the noted security vendor has just introduced a neat freeware utility F-Secure Anti Theft for Mobiles. It allows you to quickly erase your sensitive data stored on your lost mobile, with just a single SMS. Even if the theief, who has stolen your mobile, inserts a new SIM into that, the software can still alert you about the new number. You can even geo-locate your lost mobile phone with the support of maps.

Here is nice YouTube video explaining the features of this freeware utility.