There are many instances, when you want to browse Internet privately. You do not want others to know, what you have seen, which websites you have visited.

No, I am not saying that it always happen when you see those porn sites, I mean your Internet research, but it can happen many times, specially when your computer is accesible to your colleagues or other family members.

There are many ways, which allow private browsing, the most easy being that you simply delete your private data stored in the browser. In one go, you can clear your stored cookies as well as browser history. But what if you just want to delete the trace of a single website.

Firefox lets you browse privately with a simple Addon. There are very few features with this addon, but all are really useful for particular needs. With this, you can activate or not the cookie removal, and you can extend it to all subdomains of the current page’s domain. For example, if the page currently loaded in the tab is , you can remove cookies for and for, but also for,, and so on !

firefox private browsing

You can also remove the visited site from the browser’s history. A useful tool for your PC Security.

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